The Farm and Owner

The Farm

Dreamswept Farm is an eco-friendly rustic resort in the mountains north of Kettle Falls, Washington. We use sustainable farming methods, passive geothermal heating techniques and heat recovery ventilation to use less energy, and put on many large and events each year. If you’re interested in à la carte à la carte event packages, farm tours, lodging, various kinds of horse lessons, or horse stabling, check out those pages.

The Barn

We have a large barn with room to stable many horses, a large indoor arena, outdoor pens, and tons of pasture.

Heat Recovery Ventilation System

The kitchen bath house is using earth tubes configured in a conterflow heat exchanger pattern for our Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) system. We also have specialty perimeter insulation extending 16 feet out from the building in order to accomplish Passive Annualized Heat Storage (PAHS) in and out of the basement. These energy-saving systems are a fraction of the cost of traditional mechanical systems for standard HVAC system. They are working great and drastically reduce our heating and cooling costs. In addition to these systems, the building itself has much more insulation than typical buildings to further reduce winter heat loss and summer heat gain.

Sustainable Farming

We are using sustainable farming methods to reduce our impact and resources needed. This includes using our organic manure manure to grow our crops instead of using fertilizer.

The Owner

Tamea C. Denault is the founder and coach of the Mountainwind Vaulters in Kettle Falls, WA. While earning her degree in psychology and education at Mt. Holyoke College, she also learned vaulting and has continued vaulting and coaching ever since. For the past fifteen years, she coached the Emerald City Vaulting team in Lakebay, WA, and hosted their Spring Fest in April. In 2000, she certified with the EVA of BC as an equestrian vaulting trainer. She is also a CHA-certified riding instructor. Vaulting teaches balance, poise, and control in motion, and Tamea uses these skills to manage Dreamswept Farm’s multitude of activities–boarding, breeding American Bashkir Curly horses, training, and conducting guided packing trips to the mountains.

For years Tamea volunteered with the Peninsula Mounted Search and Rescue for the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department. Since her move to Kettle Falls in 2005, Tamea has begun to form Mounted Search and Rescue training sessions for finding lost people in the mountains and doing border patrol along the Canadian border.

Between all those activities, she manages to read extensively (horse manuals and science fiction). When time allows between camps and clinics, teaching and training, she relaxes by taking a long-awaited personal packing trip into the mountains.