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Lacey's Pedigree


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* Denotes a Curly.  AMHR denotes the American Morgan Horse Registry.

                                                    Valley Nomad       


                                   Dia H Valiant   |

                                  |AMHR-93136      |

                                  |                |Red Mountain Alexa  

                                  |                 AMHR-027120 

                  Dia M Bowie     |                                  

                 |AMHR-128536     |

                 |Bay             |                 Senatefield     

                 |                |                |AMHR-12271  

                 |                |Mortana Midnight|

                 |                AMHR-0105649     |

                 |                                 |Flashy Kate      

*Lacey           |                                  AMR-010815

ABC-HB-521,1/2   |                                  

Dapple black     |

                 |			             *Holbrook Horse  

                 |                *Yellow Jacket    |Brown

                 |               |ABC-P-522(F)      |

                 |               |ABRA T-7044       |*Damele Mare     

                 |               |Buckskin           Buckskin 

                 |*Copper Billie |               

                  ABC-P-770(F)   |                  *Copper D        

             Dapple Gray Buckskin|                 |ABC-P-2(F)

                                 |*The Bill Mare   |Chestnut

                                  ABC-P-337(F)     |

                                  Rose Gray        |*Damele Mare     






Tamea C. Denault

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Tamea C. Denault is the founder of Dreamswept Farm and coach of the MountainWind Vaulters in Kettle Falls, WA. She is a certified CHA multi-discipline riding instructor. While earning her degree in psychology and education at Mt. Holyoke College, she also learned vaulting and has continued vaulting and coaching ever since. More...