Vaulting Freestyle Moves

This page features "The Emerald City Vaulters".

Amy Lee performs her freestyle on Smokey.
Ginger Dohmen performs her freestyle on Thunder. Jamie Clark performs an arabesque in the cassock loop on Storm.
Rebecca Clark performs a shoulder hang on Thunder's neck. Jodi Dohmen performs a shoulder stand on Thunder at the canter.
Ginger Dohmen performs a transition move on Thunder. Ginger Dohmen performs a flag on Thunder's neck.
Rebecca Clark performs a pistol on Thunder. Rebecca Clark performs a half split on Thunder's neck.
Kera Drake performs a backward prince on Storm. Jodi Dohmen performs a back bend on Thunder.
Rebecca Clark performs a cartwheel dismount off Thunder. Julie Robison performs a dismount off Storm.
Erin Piehl performs a sideways stand on Storm.

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